Heart Disease Warnings

Signs of Heart Disease

As of 2016, doctors have decided that the heart is a fairly important organ in the human body. That goes for both men …and non-men(women).

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Chest pain or discomfort or a type of pressure or squeezing may be a sign of something important.

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Perhaps you  feel as though you have an upset stomach. You may additionally feel pain in the shoulders, arms, jaw or even the neck.

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Shortness of breath often comes with chest pain, but can come about for other reasons aswell.


Other symptoms that people recall include cold sweat, queasiness or dizziness, torso discomfort in both arms or just one of your arms.

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So don’t ignore chest discomfort or pain.  Do not attempt to drive yourself to a hospital.

If you smoke, you better give up quick smart.

This is actually the best lifestyle changes you may make.

Did you know that 3 decades of not smoking reduces the danger of you having a heart condition.

Your doctor may help you stop smoking cigarettes through behavioral adjustments, medication, or those disgusting nicotine patches. schnell abnehmen

Personally, I am not a smoker…But I know how they think.

Change your diet a bit.  Most Western diets definitely have more fat in them than the body requires.

Try and reduce your cholesterol level.  “bad” LDL cholesterol levels support the gathering to the plate is a coronary artery.

Your total cholesterol should be less than 190 mg / dL, and also LDL cholesterol levels below 130 mg / dL (less when compared with 100 mg / dL. This is known as cardiovascular disease or diabetes).schnell abnehmen

A lot of people can control their own cholesterol by changing what they eat, others need treatment. I know how they feel. Self control can be difficult.

Uncontrolled diabetes raises the risk of cardiovascular disease, blood circulation difficulties and heart episodes, which may end up in you having to visit a hospital.

Control blood presure.

Uncontrolled high blood pressure is probably the most common reason for heart disease.

Eat healthy food. Eat fruits and veggies, almonds, veggies, spices and turmeric.

Ayurvedic scholars say you should drink lots of warm water. You also need to avoid alcohol, cigarette smoking and drugs.

Patients who feel tired should sleep a few hours.

Ginger is also a fantastic Ayurvedic Medicine.

Coronary disease Prevention

Diet that can help Heart Disease

Avoid eating high fat, caffeine, cigarettes, high cholesterol foods, alcohol, sugar, butter, reddish meat, chocolate, toast, spicy food, soft drinks and white flour.

Eat far more raw food, like poultry, fish, raw turkey, onions, garlic clove, lecithin, raw nuts (usually a well-balanced diet).

People who exercise are more likely to do better than the people who are sedentary.

Look after your weight. Obesity often leads to cardiovascular disease